There comes a time when you have to acknowledge that Solomon was right when he said there is nothing new under the sun.  When there are seven billion other people out there, you can hardly expect to pursue something utterly different than all of them – and should you succeed, perhaps you should be concerned, because what sort of dangerously unique thing has crossed your mind?  Don’t fret always about “making it new,” because it’s demanding enough to do well that which has been done before.

All of which is to say, I’m pretty sure there are a good three million other blogs or websites out there about alcoholic drinks or mixology or drink recipes or what have you.  I’m starting my own anyway.

Part documentation and part delight, this is where I will record my impressions of various drinks, delve deeper into my recipe books, learn about as much history as I ever would from anything, make fun little forays into fantastic realms unknown.

There will be pictures.  I’ll do my best to make them appealing.

Vade mecum!